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Traffic Impact Studies

LCE has an extensive experience in carrying out traffic impact assessments for both new and existing developments, considering the accessibility and sustainability of the proposals, identifying the possible internal/external impacts on the current and future traffic conditions, in order to figure out best possible measures aiming to maintain good operational level of services.
LCE technical staff successfully delivered more than hundred traffic impact studies in UK, KS and Qatar, for wide range of new developments, such as hospitals, residential compounds, industrial cities, and educational institutions.
Our clients such as: Bechtel/DAR Al Handasa-Shaer Partners /Dar Al-Riyadh/Ministry of Housing/ IMAR/ Al Mahana Architects, and King Saud University.
The impacts analysis includes  Traffic Analysis; Traffic Micro-simulations/ Macro-modelling; Traffic Safety Analysis; Parking Analysis and Studies;  Pedestrian Movement Analysis and Studies; and Public Transport Analysis and Studies.